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The Chalet du Tapis Vert built in 1882 by the little nephew of Mirabeau, "barrel" of the revolution.

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"First Offering" by Arnold Bronze of Susse Frères

"First Offering" by Arnold Bronze of Susse Frères

"First Offering" by Arnold Bronze of Susse Frères

The park, formerly maintained by 6 gardeners and currently being restored, is decorated with ponds.

"First Offering" by Arnold Bronze of Susse Frères

"Pan a la flute" by Ary Biter

Sussian Bronze


The Green Carpet, located in the heart of the Normandy Maine Regional Natural Park, is a remarkable natural space, a protected site classified ZNIEFF 2 and NATURA 2000 for the wetland.

The flora and fauna inventory was carried out by the Normandy Maine Park, the Ornithological Group of Avaloirs, Mayenne Nature Environnement and the Normand Mammological Group for bats.
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Trees of considerable size adorn the park, for which six gardeners were assigned to its maintenance at the beginning of the 20th century: Western red cedar (Thuja plicata), Sequoia sempervirens Wellingtonia, Cryptomeria japonica, Rhodendron alleys.

Rehabilitation actions are being implemented with the support of the Normandy Maine Regional Park and the assistance of students from the Agricultural High School of Sées who have been involved for six years in the restoration of a peat bog under the direction of Renaud Jégat.



TV 02 est né(e) du désir de soutenir les artistes de la région de Paris et, depuis, c'est exactement ce que nous faisons. Notre communauté s'est élargie pour accueillir artistes et étudiants de tous les horizons. Nous contribuons à les façonner pour en faire les individus créatifs qu'ils sont aujourd'hui. Nous sommes très fiers de la communauté que nous avons créée, et nous adorons voir nos artistes s'épanouir.

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